Science Mini-Camps

High Touch High Tech is the answer to your child's school holiday breaks. Our mini-camps provide parents with the flexibility they need and the reliable childcare they are looking for while providing a fun, safe and supportive camp environment.

High Touch High Tech programs are designed with your budding young scientist in mind and encourage children to use their imagination and make observations while building an appreciation for the world of science and nature.

Our scientists are trained to foster a creative and non-competitive environment in which all campers are encouraged to share their unique experiences while interacting with their peers.

All programs include hands-on, project-based activities that promote collaboration and skill building. High Touch High Tech programs are well organized and many of our activities include take-home experiments.

All materials are included and each student will receive a science certificate of participation in recognition for their efforts and accomplishments.

Join our full-day programs and help to deepen your child's fascination with science as they investigate and explore its many mysteries.

Availability of our Science & Nature Mini-Camps may vary by location. To learn more, click on our Locations link and visit the website of the location nearest you!

A Senior Does a Fun Science Experiment
A Senior Does a Fun Science Experiment