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Middle School Programs

A Child Does a Fun Science ExperimentA Child Does a Fun Science Experiment

High Touch High Tech provides middle school science experiments that allow students to discover the realities of science in their everyday lives through hands-on experiences that go beyond the classroom. Middle school students in grades 6-8 can become a real scientist and engage in fun science experiments while learning the fundamentals of Earth & Space, Biology, Physics, & even Chemistry! Our science experiments for middle school are aligned with National & State Standards in Science to address the ever increasing need to meet standards, while helping students build confidence for standardized testing.

High Touch High Tech creates a student-scientist partnership, offering many opportunities for students ranging from direct participation with the professional scientific community, improvement in student attitudes and scientific growth, and offers educators a way to enhance the classroom experience for their students.

Our programs present young teens with problem-solving skills as well as build self-esteem and help establish a positive regard for learning. High Touch High Tech programs provide students with the opportunity to interact with their peers, share ideas and contribute to inquiry based discussions that support the way in which students naturally learn.

In-class workshops offer middle school students a fun, challenging, hands-on introduction to the skills they will need in high school, college, and the workplace. We use materials that are safe, and relative for the entire class. Conducting an experiment first hand encourages the class to develop their scientific interest, inspires them to learn, and can even generate science fair project ideas.

Our science activities for middle school students are centered on the individual student experience! We work with teachers and their staff to develop specialized programs to fit the needs of the class and curriculum.

Middle School programs and availability may vary by location. To learn more, visit our Locations page to find the location nearest you!

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