Elementary Programs

High Touch High Tech brings fun kids science experiments right to your classroom. We deliver in-school "field trips" that transform your classroom into a Living Laboratory! Elementary students in grades K-5 can become a real scientist and learn by doing fun science experiments. Our programs and science activities align with the curriculum for elementary education and offer elementary science in a totally hands-on and participatory manner.

High Touch High Tech programs build confidence for standardized testing.

Our elementary programs develop problem-solving skills as well as build self-esteem and a positive regard for learning. Students learn best when they are involved in first-hand exploration and investigation. High Touch High Tech programs provide students with the opportunity to interact with their peers, becoming science buddies, share ideas and contribute to inquiry based discussions that support the way in which students naturally learn.

High Touch High Tech scientists are highly trained and create an environment of respect and integrity while encouraging students to reach their potential. Our scientists provide high quality classroom instruction and thought-provoking science projects.

Our hands-on STEM experiments allow students to make direct observations and to manipulate materials and equipment. We use materials that are safe and relevant to children's lives. Students can duplicate many of these experiments at home with their parents and even utilize similar activities for science fair projects.

High Touch High Tech programs are centered on the individual child's experience; therefore, many programs can be adapted upon request to meet the needs of other grade levels.

Elementary programs and availability may vary by location. To learn more visit our Locations page to find the location nearest you!

A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment
A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment