Word of the Week


The Word of the week is: PHASE.

The definition of a phase is: a distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something’s development.

The science experiment is: Ice Cube Fishing.



Now, we have a word of the week, a definition of the word of the week, and we also have a  High Touch High Tech at home science experiment that goes with the word of the week!

Do you know what the Ice Cube Fishing science experiment has to do with the word PHASE?

As we can see in the definition of a PHASE, it means a stage in a process  of change, well when we tie the frozen ice cube to a string and put it in salt water, the salt water starts to melt the ice cube (Salt lowers the freezing point of water) and because of the ice cube melting it caused the string to freeze to the ice.

So as you can see, we ended up having many phases that the ice cube and string went through.


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http://sciencemadefunwnc.net/downloads/cube2.pdf  AND http://sciencemadefunwnc.net/

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