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Over 25 years of proven success!

High Touch High Tech was founded when Dinosaur Dan went into his daughter’s science fair, and teachers demanded he come back. Teachers were able to see that their students were engaged and excited to learn! High Touch High Tech has been exploring STEM with students for more than 25 years, reaching more than 16 million students annually.

Your students will DO science, not VIEW science!

While your students will enjoy their program, they will have a hands-on science lesson. High Touch High Tech doesn’t believe in showy, baseless experiments! Your students will be making their own discoveries, building their confidence in their own education.

We adapt to your state curriculum standards!

High Touch High Tech want your students to learn and have a memorable educational experience. At the core of our programs there is the science curriculum that students are expected to learn and tested on. By enlisting High Touch High Tech, teachers know students are closer to state education goals.

All students can participate!

Our totally participatory programming benefits students at all ends of the academic spectrum. Students in need of STEM remediation are granted confidence in being able to say they conquered a complex topic! Gifted STEM students can use their previous knowledge and test it out during their hands-on experiment! High Touch High Tech adapts to a classroom of diverse skillsets!

We assist funding!

In a strict budget, it’s difficult for teachers to fund pencils! High Touch High Tech wants your students to have the STEM education they deserve, and we will assist in obtaining the funding to bring your students our programs!  

We promote teamwork!

Once your students are engaged in an experiment, they will collaborate with their peers to complete their experiment! By grouping students together, it provides a brainstorming center and building an idea friendly environment. This bonds your students for the long-term!

We encourage your students to be active in their education!

When a student gets their EUREKA moment, there is a courage they develop to discover. Our students are assured they have a science superpower, and that will translate to all other studies.

We come to you!

High Touch High Tech scientists deliver programming to your school! There will be no need for supply preparation, scheduling a bus, or packing bag lunches! We even do our own clean-up!

High Touch High Tech wants your students to become scientists!

From our founder, our franchise owners, to our scientists, High Touch High Tech is a community of scientists! Our mission is to instill our passion on the next generation of scientists!

Our programs make your students problem solvers!

Students utilize their superpowers of observation and discovery to solve problems! During a High Touch High Tech program, students will develop the skills to solve problems throughout their daily lives!

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