Weather Fun!

Now that cold weather has arrived Brad Vereen of High Touch High Tech of the Bay Area, California ( has suggested a fun weather experiment you can try at home.

Supplies Needed:
Baby food jar
Alka-seltzer tablet
Pastina (can substitute instant mashed potato flakes)

Experiment: Weather Jar
1. Fill the jar with water about ¾ full
2. Put a few pieces of pastina or mashed potato flakes in the jar
3. Place Aka-seltzer tablet in jar and immediately put the lid on

Watch weather happen before your eyes! See thunder by using pastina (notice how they look like clouds). The pastina will dance up and down simulating the event of thunder as cold air pushes warm air down. You can substitute instant mashed potato flakes for the pastina to create a more dramatic weather event. While it also simulates thunder, it will look like a snowstorm in the jar!

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