Valentine’s Day Science!

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday! 

Join in doing some hands-on, FUN, Valentine’s Day science this weekend. Try some of these experiments below:

Conversation Heart Science:

 Experiment Supplies:

  • conversation hearts or red hots
  • water
  • vinegar
  • honey (or other sugary substance)
  • salt/salt water
  • microwave or freezer
  • bleach

Let’s find out what happens to the conversation hearts as we added each item to them.  Draw each item on a piece of paper and predict what you think might happen.

Add 1 item at a time (salt, honey, water, vinegar, salt water, etc) or put them in the freezer or microwave and record your observations.

The water dissolved the candy after awhile. The vinegar bubbled on some of the candies at first, but not others, until eventually it all bubbled up and dissolved. Honey didn’t react and neither did microwaving or freezing.

The salt alone had no effect, but salt water did. Try and see what bleach does to the candies! With adult supervision of course!

Borax Crystal Hearts:

 Experiment Supplies:

Jars or vases
Popsicle sticks, string, tape
Pipe cleaners

To get started on your crystal hearts. Take your pipe cleaners and form them into hearts! Make sure you can get your heart in and out easily. Yes, you can push the pipe cleaner into the jar, but once it is crystalized it will be very hard to pull out! Use the popsicle stick to hold the string. Use a small piece of tape to keep it in place. You can do two in one jar but make sure they are small and have room!

For Full Instructions Please Visit This Link:

For more FUN Valentine’s Day Science experiments you can do right at home, visit our Pinterest Page here!

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