Top 10 Stress Relievers During Quarantine

Many of us are extremely stressed as we adjust to a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anxiety and fear surrounding the disease, economic impact, and a restricted social life is at an all-time high. Stress hormones have a negative long-term impact on physical health, so try these 10 stress relieving tips today!

1. Get Active!

Physical activity acts as a stress reliever, regardless of physical shape! Pump your feel-good endorphins by taking a walk around your neighborhood or doing yoga!

2. Laugh!

While laughter may not cure the coronavirus, it helps make you feel better! Watch a funny movie or comedy special with your family to get a dose of the best medicine! Laughter is shown to cool down your stress response, even a fake laugh helps.

3. Connect with friends (from a safe distance)!

Zoom, Facetime, and Skype have been huge resources in the age of social distancing. Chat with your friends as you flatten the curve from home!

4. Get some rest!

As we’re confined to our homes, we might as well nap! Sleeping is a great way for your mind and body to recharge and refresh!

5. Get creative!

Allow your creative juices to flow! Spend your quarantine painting, drawing, playing music, gardening, sewing, or picking up an expressive hobby!

6. Take a break from the news!

COVID-19 is dominating the news cycle, so take a break! Social media and the news are blasting us with pandemic information constantly. Tune out and tune into another one of the stress relivers on this list!

7. Light a candle!

Seems simple but is especially soothing! Burn a calming scent like lavender or chamomile to let your nose take you to an aromatherapy spa!

8. Reduce your caffeine intake!

Over caffeination is proven to increase anxiety, so skip the second cup! You get to skip the commute to work so more caffeine isn’t as necessary!

9. Enjoy this quality time with your family!

Support from family and friends can help you get through stressful times. Play a board game with your family and enjoy the one-on-one time you don’t always have time for!

10. Make a Stress Ball!

Sometimes stress makes you want to squeeze
something! Make a stress ball to release that stress in a healthy way today!
Find instructions here:

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