Think About It Thursday: Where Does Mistletoe Grow?


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Pucker up, Think About It Thursday is back again! This edition we will discover the strange place where that jolly little green plant, mistletoe, actually grows!

Mistletoe is considered a semi parasitic plant. Meaning that it will attach itself to a tree or shrub, the roots will penetrate the branches and absorb water and nutrients from the host plant. Birds and small animals will eat the mistletoe’s berries and distribute the seeds onto other tree branches. The mistletoe plant is not considered a full parasitic plant because some species have the ability to photosynthesize for a short period of time. Mistletoe can grow on one branch in a tree and only kill that branch or it can take over and kill the entire tree! However, mistletoe is an important addition to the ecosystem because many small animals and birds rely upon it for food and shelter.



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