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Has your child ever asked you a “Think About It” question before.  You know, the ones that maybe you didn’t know the answer to or the one that you could sorta answer, but couldn’t explain right? Then when you get home you have to get online and find the answer, and then try to explain it to them. Well, I am sure that we all have been in that position before.

Well on Think About it Thursday, we are going to answer those questions that you’re not sure about!  This weeks question is, “Why do Volcanoes erupt?”

Volcanoes erupt when gas bubbles inside magma, or hot liquid rock, expand and cause pressure to build up. This pressure pushes on weak spots in the earth’s surface, or crust, causing magma to exit the volcano.

Check out our online Volcano recipe that you can do with your child at home. This way your child will be able to see a Volcano erupt right before their eyes!

If you have any “Think About It” questions, you would like to know the answer to, then ask your question in the comments section below and once a month we will answer your question!

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