Dinosaur Dan presents “Hands-on Science for a High Tech World” to educators across WNC!

For the third year in a row, HTHT of WNC provided its “Hands-on science for a high tech world” workshop for early childhood educators from around Western North Carolina.

This year 48 teachers, and early childhood directors participated. The hour and half workshop flew by, and everyone had a great time. More importantly, wonderful science process skills were shared and conveyed to teachers.

Teachers were able to ask questions and share feedback. Teachers learned amazing ways to teach kids science in a fun manner using safe, common, everyday materials. You can see for yourself just how much fun these educators were having with High Touch High Tech.

Just another example that science is fun for kids of all ages, even those that are kids at heart!



Teacher Workshop at Channels for Child Care Advancement

Our very own Daniel Shaw, National Program Director of High Touch High Tech, conducted an exciting science workshop for local teachers. This workshop took place at the Western Regional Early Childhood Education Conference Sponsored by Channels for Child Care Advancement and Buncombe County Child Care Services in Asheville, NC.

It was so well received that High Touch High Tech was invited back to participate in the conference next year. Here’s what some of the workshop participants had to say about their hands-on science experience….. 

“Great! I never cared for biology but loved this”

“I like the hands-on learning to make science fun and interesting for children. Great energy and good ideas.”

“Loved the hands-on activities and experiments – thought Dinosaur Dan was very enjoyable.”

“Fun and energetic. *Really nice and helpful.* Very interesting and entertaining.”

You too can schedule an exciting, fun filled, hands-on science experience or teacher’s workshop at your school! Visit the High Touch High Tech website at: www.ScienceMadeFun.net for a location near you !!

Call 800.444.4968 or email info@ScienceMadeFun.net today !