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Celebrate Leap Day – The FUN Science of Telling Time!

Thirty days hath September…but why on earth does February have 29 every four years? This year is a leap year, making the length of the 2012 calendar 366 days, instead of the normal 365.  Every four years an extra day is added to the month of February, but have you ever wondered why this happens? […]

Ava Avalanche Gets Students Excited About Science in BC!

Ava Avalanche, a scientist from HTHT British Columbia recently took the students of Blundell Elementary School on a fun, hands-on science adventure. Students in Mr. Varner’s 6th & 7th grade class explored the fascinating world of cells with our Silly Cells program. Mr Varner said “Ava Avalanche was great! She was engaging, enthusiastic, and friendly.” The […]

9-year-old’s Science Experiment Saves Water, Money & Teachers in Reno

  What does baseball and water conservation have in common? The answer is nine-year-old Mason Perez. Mason hit a homerun with his science project that has helped save water, money and even, the teachers jobs across Reno, NV .  It all started when Mason wanted to wash his hands at the Aces baseball stadium but couldn’t. The […]

After 5 Years, Student Attracted To Doing The Right Thing!

Today, we received a letter from a young student that has been carrying a heavy burden since participating in a High Touch High Tech program almost 5 years ago.  As you can see in the letter below, this young student slipped a few magnets into her pocket while cleaning up from the hands-on workshop that […]

Students Get Moving on Saturday with High Touch High Tech of Atlanta

High Touch High Tech of greater Atlanta got students moving at their Saturday Science workshop! Kids traded in their bikes for beakers for the day as they  became real scientists and got hands-on with real science.  Students from Mr. Perry Cantrell & Ms. Beverly Grahams classes took part in the  “WE DO Lego Robotics” & […]

High Touch High Tech Sparks FUN for Students Across South Korea

High Touch High Tech provides programming for over 4million children worldwide! Check out these awesome pictures of students in South Korea getting hands-on while learning about science with High Touch High Tech. These pictures just go to show that FUN is a universal language! For More information on High Touch High Tech of South Korea, […]

Oasis of the Seas

All Aboard!!! Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has just opened their newest and LARGEST ship, Oasis of the Seas! The new ship has many activities on board for not only adults but for kids too! High Touch High Tech has their very own science lab to help facilitate their Adventure Science program. HTHT has been providing […]