Campers in Connecticut Discover Science!

Check out the article below about our summer science camp programming at our Connecticut location:

Campers under the direction of High Touch High Tech’s Chris Stetson spent the week of June 27 to July 1 learning about science topics and completing activities and experiments of their own.

The Science Discoveries camp was offered through Newtown Parks and Recreation. High Touch High Tech of Weston provides science-related preschool programs, after school programs, summer camp programs, mini camps, and birthday parties, according to its website.

“I like science camp a lot,” said Alexa Manfredonia, and a number of campers playing with her outside during a recess break on Wednesday, June 29, agreed.

“It’s pretty fun, because we get to try new things and stuff,” said Jules Battaglia.

Mr Stetson said the camp covered general science topics. Each day of the week had a different theme to study and conduct activities around. According to Mr Stetson, Monday was a chemistry day; the campers studied dinosaurs on Tuesday; Wednesday was light and sound day; Thursday was flight and space day; and Friday was a planned day to finish the volcanoes the campers were working on throughout the week.

“I really love it,” said Christopher Rice. “We are even making out own mini-volcanoes that we are going to explode at the end of this week.”

After Mr Stetson led the campers back inside Hawley Elementary School, where the camp was held, he explained what they could expect for the rest of the day.

“We are talking about light and sound today,” Mr Stetson said. “Both are forms of energy.”

Mr Stetson demonstrated how a piece of paper with the image of a cowboy on one side and the image of a horse on the other appears to have the cowboy riding the horse when flipped fast, by attaching strings and twirling the paper.

“We only see what light goes into our eye,” said Mr Stetson.

After Mr Stetson handed out diffraction glasses, which he explained splits light up, Andrew Sposato quickly put his pair on.

“Rainbows,” Andrew said, describing what he saw through the glasses, “rainbows, really, next to the light.”

More information about Newtown Parks & Recreation’s summer camps offerings is available at or call 203-270-4340, and more information about High Touch High Tech is available or 828-684-3192.