Company Summer Picnic June 2017

Recently, Science Made Fun of the San Francisco Bay Area, FROSCH Global Conferences and Events of Burlingame, CA came together to provide exciting, hands-on science activities at the Summer picnic for employees and families of a local company.

Science Made Fun SFBA shared a tent, named Cheers to Science, with Ron the Python man.  The tent was decorated with balloons depicted as atoms connected with bonds. There was also a stage at the back of the tent for both Ron and Shalini Wadwani of High Touch High Tech SFBA to do volcano eruption shows on. Sea Shalini was scheduled to do three volcano eruption shows over the course of the entire event. Three other experiments were set up for kids to participate with including paper chromatography, faux snow and gooey worms. There were approximately 1000+ children who came through the tent that day!

It was a fun and busy afternoon, which drew many oooh’s and aaah’s from parents and kids alike. The kids had fun making their paper chromatograms and learning about colors from scientists Snowflake Swati, Laser Lea and Kinetic Kunal. Kids also made mounds of snow with scientists Sunshine Saranga, Bionic Brianna and Solar Sowmya. The gooey worms fascinated children, as they squeezed ‘Algy’ out of the bottles into Calcium and made ‘Calgy’! Calgy had a hard shell on the outside and was gooey on the inside!! Krypton Karan, Dynamite Darcy and Galaxy Gita did a fine job of explaining the science of polymers to the children, as they had fun with the worms.

The shows were performed every hour by Sea Shalini. She used the stage and erupted several volcanoes as the kids counted down to blast off!

Team HTHT SFBA with Banana- the albino Burmese python

The tent and the stage…don’t miss the balloons!

The balloons!

Volcano eruption!