Get A Little WILD & Celebrate National Wildlife Week!


Did you know that bull sharks are the only large shark that can live in both fresh and salt waters? They have a special gland near their tail that retains salt.

And did you know the bighorn sheep population peaked in the millions before almost reaching extinction? The species once crossed the Bering land bridge from Siberia and was eventually a source of food and clothing for mountainous Native American Indian tribes in the West before reaching the endangered species list.

There is a lot to learn about wildlife and there is no better time than now to celebrate! This week is National Wildlife Week –  Sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, National Wildlife Week is celebrating 76 years of encouraging people to learn about the wide array of fascinating wildlife in our world. 

About National Wildlife Week nwf

Held annually since 1938, National Wildlife Week is National Wildlife Federation’s longest-running education program. Even celebrities such as Shirley Temple, Walt Disney and Robert Redford have joined National Wildlife Federation to commemorate this unique event.

National Wildlife Week is a signature event of NWF’s Be Out There campaign, an initiative to connect families and communities to nature, raise healthier kids, instill a conservation ethic, and inspire a life-long appreciation of wildlife and the environment.

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Wildlife Week for Educators
Celebrate National Wildlife Week and connect your students with nature through lesson plans created by the National Wildlife Foundation. Different wildlife species are featured each day in these lesson plans designed for Grades K – 12.