Think About It Thursday: How Fast Are Those Wings?

For today’s Think about it Thursday article, we are going to briefly look at different winged species and see how fast they are in comparison!

Fruit Fly: 200 times per second

Mosquito: 400 times per second

Honey Bee: 230 times per second

Dragonfly: 30 beats per second BUT can fly up to about 35mph!

Butterfly: 5-12 times per second

Hummingbird: Approximately 80 times per second

Bat: About 50 times per second

Chickadee: 27 times per second

Great Blue Heron: Approximately only 1 flap per second!

Creepy, Crawlie Roaches

Ryan and his roachWOW – look what our “Rocket Ryan” Paskow, Scientist from High Touch High Tech of Northern Charlotte, has to say about this amazing photo op !

“I recently visited Springfield Elementary School in Fort Mill, SC to offer our “Get Buggy” program. Knowing that I was going to be learning with fourth graders, I wanted to be able to show them how safe and friendly some insects can be with a little pizzazz. I did this in hopes of easing a child’s nerves around “gross bugs!” Therefore, I took “Roachy,” one of our favorite Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and asked him to walk across my cheek. Luckily for me they only want to eat fruits, and vegetables, not faces! Even some of the children offered to try by the end of the program!”

HOW TO REACH: “Rocket Ryan” Paskow
High Touch High Tech of Northern Charlotte
Regional Program Director

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