Indian Startup Company is Turning Air Pollution into Ink!

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An India-based startup company creating paint and ink from air pollution!

Developed by inventor Anirudh Sharma via Graviky Labs,  the idea for Air Ink grew out of a conversation between the researcher and his peers about the stains left on their clothes by heavy air pollution.

“We built this contraption that we connect the exhaust on the tail pipe of the car,” explains Sharma in a video about his invention. “After we are done capturing the raw carbon, the soot, we take it through a purification process and then we convert that air pollution into printing ink.”

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He points out that the same process can be used with boats or chimneys to capture some of the effluence and convert it into ink. The startup partnered with the Heineken Asia Pacific-owned alcohol brand Tiger Beer and collectively they’ve transformed air pollution into 150 litres of Tiger Air Ink.

To put it in perspective, a 0.7mm round tip pen consists of approximately 40 minutes of diesel car pollution.

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