“Meteor Martin” Lets Hear It From A Scientist!


Hello Scientist.  The is “Meteor” Martin and we have had a fun and wonderful week working with the children at Wild Wood, Thales of Wake Forest, and Pleasant Grove Elementary Schools.  Our lessons this week were “Sounds Like Fun” and “What’s the Matter”.



Sounds like Fun began with a discussion as to what Sound is and where it comes from.  We discussed sound waves and how they travel and were able to SEE a sound wave and make different frequencies with the help of an oldie but goodie, the Slinky.  I was then able to prove that sound comes from vibrations as each child was able to tap and listen to a tuning fork.  Next, we covered how we hear with our ears and everyone made using a device that mimicked our ear using a cup as our ear canal, plastic wrap for the ear drum and salt was used in place of the ossicles ( hammer, anvil and stirrup).   We then banged the tuning fork and put it near the cup so that we could see how the vibrations traveled from the fork down our ear and eventually makes it to our brain.  We were also able to also make roaring cups that amplified sound from a string and finally made music with a rubber band and plastic container.  The children loved each and every activity.






With What’s the Matter, we spoke about the three main states of matter (Solid, Liquid and Gas) the properties of each and what makes one different from the other.  We also went over evaporation and condensation with our first experiment testing the volatility of three different liquids.  The children were able to observe and communicate what the noticed and how one liquid will evaporate quicker than another.  Our second experiment focused on the cohesion and adhesion of water molecules as the kids were able to “pull” water around a track from start to finish using a Popsicle stick with the water bubble staying intact.  Finally, we introduced what a chemical change is and how it differs from a physical change as we made a polymer using glue, water and borax.

Here it From a HTHT Scientist!

HTHT own Jet stream Julie went to Woodland Heights Elementary School in Mooresville, NC to teach a after school enrichment program to students in grade K-5.

Today at Woodland Heights, our junior scientists set out to explore the wondrous world of matter! First students raced water molecule cars! Here we study the act of cohesion, or “liquid sticky.” We used a paper race track, a piece of wax paper, q-tips and food colored water. This is especially fun when you have access to a whole roll of wax paper and the length of a cafeteria, this way kids can race side by side!


Later we look at mixing a solid (baking soda) a liquid (vinegar) to create a gas (C02) Using a small cup that has a couple of Tbs of vinegar, our scientist used their strongest pinchers to drop our solid into the cups AND BAM!! C02 bubbles arise! Now because we encourage safe cleaning and learning, we mention to students that this is a safe, inexpensive way to clean sinks and drains. Junior scientists get to this on a larger scale and score points with mom for cleaning. 👍🏻👍🏻


Next, we made our famous space mud. We plan to mix three liquids to make a semi-solid. We start with a small cup of glue, followed by a few drops of our favorite food coloring. Then we add a liquid borax solution, and then we stir stir stir! The best part is we get to get our hands dirty! Putting our hands down in the cups we pull out our dripping mud. We roll it all around and squish out all the water forming a ball.

This is always a winning program exploring solids, liquids and gases.