Real Time Reading for the Vision Impaired


Scientists at MIT have been working on developing a way for people with visual impairments to be able to read. This”FingerReader” goes on as a ring and has a small camera that will scan the text and then read it aloud for the user to hear. “Special software tracks the finger movement, identifies words and processes the information. The device has vibration motors that alert readers when they stray from the script”, said Roy Shilkrot, who is developing the device at the MIT Media Lab. According to scientists working on development, this FingerReader will be transportable. It will be able to scan restaurant menus, doctor forms, books and other materials used in daily living! 

The FingerReader will not replace Braille — the system of raised dots that form words, interpreted by touch. Instead, Shilkrot said, the new device would enable users to access a vast number of books and other materials that are not currently available in Braille.

Scientists have not given a date in time as to when the FingerReader will be available to the open market. It still has some software kinks to work out. But I’m sure any help with reading printed materials will be much appreciated by the visually impaired!

To see how the FingerReader works and to learn more watch this video: