New Technology Being Implemented by Delta Airlines

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Recently, news came out stating that Delta Airlines was investing in a facial-recognition system that could make checking your bag at the airport twice as fast. Testing of the software is going to begin this summer at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

So how will this new technology work? Passengers will need to have a passport in order to participate. The machine will scan their passport, and then facial recognition will scan their faces to verify their identity. They can then drop their bags and proceed to security.

Delta plans to spend $600,000 on four self-service bag drop machines at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, however only one of the machines will be equipped with the facial recognition technology. Delta will collect feedback during the trial period before deciding whether or not to fully implement the new technology at all the self-service stations.

Delta claims that the system is not designed to store any information or facial images gathered by the machine.

Sp what do you think of this new technology that Delta Airlines is implementing in order to streamline their check in lines at the airport? Do you think it will make check in quicker or lines shorter?


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