Try These End of School Year Testing Study Tips!

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1. Designate a Study Area.

Clear a designated study space at home or at your local library. Somewhere quiet with little distraction.

2. Get Organized.

Make a list or better yet use a calendar to organize. Balance your homework, tests and extra curricular activities by using a planner.

3. Develop a Study Plan.

You should create a study plan and allow ample time to prepare in order to avoid night before cramming for the exam.

4. Think Positively.

A positive attitude can change the way your child approaches the exam.

5. Create a Study Group.

Working in groups can help students when they’re struggling to understand a concept by having discussing with peers.

6. Test-Taking Strategies. 

Stay calm, get a good nights sleep, eat a nutritious breakfast, read all directions and utilize any stress relief techniques. Such as: exercise, meditation, yoga etc…

7. Make note cards.

Browse the text book for key words and make note cards with key words and definitions.