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The Magnitude!

Join High Touch High Tech in celebrating Richter Scale Day April 26th! Does the name Charles F. Richter mean anything to you? Is he your friend on Facebook or Instagram? Is he a YouTube Star? No! Back in 1935, 86 years ago, this man developed a mathematical way to determine the strength of earthquakes! You […]

‘San Andreas’ is Far From Scientific!

  Released on May 29, 2015 the summer blockbuster movie, San Andreas, is far from scientific. In an article just released by the New York Post, they discuss the live tweeting by United States Geological Survey seismologist and 30-year veteran in the field, Dr. Lucy Jones’ during the LA premiere of the earthquake-disaster flick. Jones states in one of her […]

Minor Earthquake

Many of you don’t know this but there were reports of a minor earthquake that ROCKED Mars Hill Elementary School!! Well…it wasn’t a real earthquake but Dinosaur Dan presented a great program there called Funomena that deals with some of earth’s natural events. Along with the earthquake, there were volcanic eruptions and of course tornadoes […]