Happy 50th Birthday Google Doodle!


Have you ever had to solve a puzzle using a secret code? On December 4th, 2017 the Google.com homepage showcased a “doodle” that celebrated 50 years since children programming and coding languages were first displayed to everyone, worldwide! To celebrate “computer science education week” the ‘Google Doodle’ team and researchers from MIT created the first ever kids focused coding “doodle”!

This “doodle” resonated with the High Touch High Tech team as we are committed to providing a similar “hands-on” experiment to the students we serve with a coding activity called, Ozobot-Will You Win or Not (c)?
 Ozobot-Will You Win or Not (c)? allows students to program step by step instructions that will “tell” their “Ozobot” exactly what to do! Writing in code is like writing in a language that only your robot can hear. The color sequencing codes created can be used to command the speed, direction, or action of the robot! How cool is that?!
Our goal is to deliver an effective coding/programming activity that will promote technology and can be used by children of all ages. On the first Monday in December,  everyone around the world (including myself) had the opportunity to “play with” and explore the Doodle as it lets you direct a bunny around the garden in search of carrots. Let the fun begin everyone and keep up the coding, Google! 
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Source #2: Google.com