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Color Me Impressed

Color Me Impressed               Look at that isn’t it beautiful!?  How many times have you seen something in nature and been blown away by how gorgeous it is? The sky, a lake, a volcano, and a field covered in crisp, fresh snow are all a feast for the eyes.  […]

The Science of Colors!

A few centuries ago we did not have paint swatches at hardware stores, Pantone color books, or computer programs with unlimited color schemes. All there was was the colors that already existed in nature. Mineral deposits in foreign countries wielded vibrant blues and other colors. Edward Forbes, a Harvard historian, has collected 2,500 different specimens of […]

Think About It Thursday: Why Do Leaves Change Colors?

Leaf color comes from pigments. Pigments are natural substances produced by leaf cells. The three pigments that color leaves are: chlorophyll (which produces the green color) carotenoid(produces yellow, orange, and brown colors) anthocyanin (produces a red color) Chlorophyll is the most important of the three. Leaves contain chlorophyll in order to use the sunlight to […]