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The History Behind Valentine’s Day and Why We Celebrate it!

The History Behind Valentine’s Day! The Roman’s had a festival called The Feast of Lupercalia that was celebrated in the middle of February. An Emperor named Claudius II executed two men with the same name, Valentine, in different years, on the same day February 14th. The first Valentine was a Roman Priest and was caught and thrown […]

The Science of Chocolate

Happy #NationalChocolateDay! With today being National Chocolate Day and only 3 days from Halloween, we figured it would be appropriate to discuss the science of chocolate! Many of you may have noticed different terms on your favorite candy bars wrapper describing it as chocolate, cocoa, & cacao. So what are the differences to these types […]

Valentine’s Day Science…The Chocolate Tradition!

If you’re looking for a simple way to wish your sweetheart happy Valentine’s Day, you might consider saying it with chocolate. After all, you won’t be alone: according to a 2009 Nielsen report , approximately 48 million pounds of the sweet stuff is sold during the week leading up to the holiday. The Royal Chemistry Society asserts the […]

FUN Science with Halloween Candy!

Check out our updated list of spooky science Halloween Activities here!  Worried about having too much Halloween candy laying around? Here’s a little science you can do with your kids’ haul—or your own! Chances are if you’ve got kids they’re going to want to go trick-or-treating. This means they’ll end up loaded with way more […]