Every February Yosemite Waterfall Turns to Lava!

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Image Source: Pixabay.com

‘Lava eruption’ is trick of the eye, Yosemite Park ‘lava eruption’ is a stunning trick of the eye, What looks like a trail of fiery lava cascading over a cliff is really a stunning trick of the light. It is a phenomenon that wouldn’t look out of place on top of Mount Etna. The fiery-looking trail below may appear to be a blast of molten lava, but it’s actually a cascade of water illuminated by the sun.

The wonder at Yosemite National Park, California, appears only at sunset during a select window of time in mid-February and is keenly awaited by a number of photographers and spectators. Weather permitting, the effect is created by a precise alignment of the sun and earth which makes the Yosemite Park’s Horsetail Fall turn a bright, fiery orange. The vibrant color is the result of the sun’s rays reflecting off granite behind the falling water and is dependent on a clear sunset.

Park officials believe it will last until February 24, with the best views east of the peak at the El Capitan picnic area. The incredible sight was first captured in color by the natural world photographer Galen Rowell in 1973.

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Kids Go “Bonkers for Blood” with High Touch High Tech of the Bay Area!

High Touch High Tech of the Bay Area provided a scientist Discover Camp at Union City, CA. Operated by Union City Leisure Services, the theme for 2011-2012 was crime fighting “Biology Brad” led the kids through fingerprinting, blood typing, and biological sleuthing with “Forensic Fun” and “Bonkers For Blood.”

The kids lifted fingerprints and typed them, made lip prints, modeled the blood barrier with a density bottle, made simulated blood to take home, and even performed a blood typing puzzle! The campers ranged in grade from 1st through 6th, and everyone learned a lot and had a terrific time.

High Touch High Tech has served Union City Leisure Services’ Discover Camp for three years in a row. The campers are always excited when the scientist arrives with TOTALLY FUN, TOTALLY HANDS-ON science activities! Many thanks to Ms. Ashley “Pecan” Blank for her tireless coordination and support for rigorous science education.

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