HTHT of Oakland County Cooks Up Excitement With Kitchen Chemistry!

High Touch High Tech of Oakland County, Michigan kicked off 2012 by cooking up some fun with the students at Bingham Farms Elementary School! Students became real scientists as they rolled up their sleeves and got hands-on with the “Kitchen Chemistry” afterschool program. From creating HTHT’s signature “Space Mud” to colorful sidewalk chalk, these students were excited about science & had a blast experimenting with common household ingredients.

Bingham Farms Elementary School is known for striving to increase student excitement, interest and performance in science, so when they partnered with High Touch High Tech to provide afterschool programming, it was a perfect match!  The local newspaper “The Birmingham Eccentric” even stopped by to capture all the fun! Check out the full article in “The Birmingham Eccentric” Newspaper here.

High Touch High Tech of Oakland County is looking forward to many more future programs with Bingham Farms Elementary & continues to excite children about the world of science each & every day.

If you are in the Oakland County area & would like more information on High Touch High Tech please visit their website at or call 248.926.5500. You can also email them at

Students discovered science in the kitchen by mixing common household ingredients

Young scientists discovered how to make their very own sidewalk chalk!

Glow in the dark bouncing balls was just one of many exciting hands-on experiments that these students participated in!

After school enrichment

High Touch High Tech is providing a wonderful after school enrichment program at Carolina Day School. Students participate in many different activities and continue to grow and learn for an hour after their regular school day once a week. Every student has their very own cool science name and also something neat to take home to show what they learned that day!