Summer Learning Loss

Summer is fast approaching, and our eye is on the important
topics. What is the true cost of all the time spent away from the classroom?
How can we continue to stimulate and inspire bright young minds, in a way that
feels fun and exciting to both kids and parents?

Research shows that students that stay actively involved in programs that involve physical and mental health exercises have tended to score higher on standardized tests than those who are not engaged in such activities during the summer break. More than that, studies have revealed that keeping students in such beneficial programs may ultimately affect the likelihood of those students to advance beyond the socioeconomic classes that they were born into.

High Touch High Tech aims to make itself available to any
community, organization, or school where there is a need or desire for
educational enrichment. We believe that we can be an asset to students learning
how to interact with scientific concepts, and that learning can be fun.

Not only is it crucial to keep young minds engaged and
learning during time spent away from the classroom, but early involvement in
STEM based education is a monumental factor when considering which students
will go on to get degrees in STEM related fields. Research finds that students
who are interested in STEM fields early on in their education, by 8th
grade, are more likely to graduate with a degree in a related field than those
who performed highly on tests in STEM fields.

High Touch High Tech puts an emphasis on fun, hands-on
methods of learning.  We strive to
deliver exciting programs year-round, helping guide a student’s engagement with
scientific concepts by way of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning
methods. This allows us to the opportunity to reach the child where they are at,
through which ever learning style is most suitable to their naturally preferred
learning method.

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