Students really, “Dig It”, at Carlisle-Foster’s Grove Elementary

It was an exciting morning for the 1st grade students at Carlisle-Foster’s Grove Elementary School in Spartanburg, SC!  Asteroid Andy, scientist with High Touch High Tech, delivered the “Dig It’” program in which students got to pan for gemstones and perform all kinds of interesting and FUN geological tests on the gemstones they found. Students were super excited when they found out they got to keep their gemstones! The teachers enjoyed the program as much as the students and were pleased to see how eager their students were to learn about the gems they discovered. 
One student, Demi, described the day perfectly……”On October 19 we had a science program called Dig It.  We got to do mining for rocks.  We got to find rocks.  We had a super day.  My favorite part was when we got to find the rocks.  Asteroid Andy showed us to learn about rocks.  It was super.” 
High Touch High Tech is looking forward to their next visit with Carlisle-Foster’s Grove Elementary when 4th grade students get to participate in the Cosmic Capers program!

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