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Many of the schools and organizations who choose to book summer programs with us, continue to book year after year. This may be a result of the benefits that teachers and parents see when their students are involved in summer learning programs.

Studies suggest that students lose roughly a month of learning during the summer. Though a child can regain much of the knowledge lost during summer break, it is important to remember that learning loss is cumulative. Many believe that over time, the summer slide directly contributes to the achievement gap between students of different socioeconomic backgrounds.

One of the most common reasons for deciding against summer learning opportunities is a matter of cost or funding. High Touch High Tech recognizes the importance of making summer programming accessible to every student, parent, teacher, and schooling district. We will always put the ability to educate our community first, by providing the same high quality science experience at every location, accepting grant funding for programs, and giving every student the opportunity to receive the high-quality STEM education that they deserve. 

Often the schools that book High Touch High Tech for summer camps year after year also choose to take advantage of our low priced, high quality elementary programs and after school enrichment programs. We offer a range of program types in such a wide variety of grades and academic settings because we realize how important it is for students to have access to hands-on STEM education year-round. We believe this creates an environment that is conducive to prolonged interest in the STEM fields and sets students up for academic success.

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