Seniors Love Science!

Dinosaur Dan with seniors at Faye’s Place at Jewish Family Services

 Did you know that High Touch High Tech provides programs for seniors? Once a month, Dinosaur Dan teaches classes at Arbor Terrace and Faye’s Place at Jewish Family Services in Asheville, NC. He says that the experience is always super rewarding and inspiring for both him and the seniors. Seniors have the same level of awe about the world as anyone else as the level of inspiration and curiosity is not lost with age. It is human instinct to learn and be curious! 

Seniors exploring science at Arbor Terrace

During the latest program at Arbor Terrace, they studied genotypes and phenotypes. They drew their phenotypes, observable characteristics, and looked at genotypes. They also compared their individual fingerprints in this experiment.  

Seniors exploring science at Faye’s Place at Jewish Family Services

If you are interested in Senior Science, please contact High Touch High Tech to set up a fun experience!

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