Science Fun Erupts at Senior Center!

“Rocket Ryan” Paskow, left, and Dave Gollhofer watch a homemade volcano erupt at the North Meck Senior Center. / Carrie C. Causey

Owner of High Touch High Tech of Charlotte, “Rocket Ryan”, recently visited the North Mecklenburg Senior Center in Huntersville, NC to do hands-on, FUN science with some of the center’s seniors. 

“Rocket Ryan” Paskow  is used to holding the classes for younger groups, including elementary school and birthday parties. But the interactive activities are tailored to all ages and are things that can be recreated at home, plus the lessons intertwine fun, jokes and educational tips.

“Science is ageless, and there is always something to learn and discover,” Paskow said. “Information changes every day.”

Read more about Rocket Ryan’s visit to the North Mecklenburg Senior Center here:

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