Minor Earthquake

Many of you don’t know this but there were reports of a minor earthquake that ROCKED Mars Hill Elementary School!! Well…it wasn’t a real earthquake but Dinosaur Dan presented a great program there called Funomena that deals with some of earth’s natural events. Along with the earthquake, there were volcanic eruptions and of course tornadoes in a tube! Luckily, no one was hurt and everyone had a great time learning about the earth!

Go Public

On November 5, businesses in the area along with Asheville City Schools Foundation celebrated the schools of Asheville City! It was a great turnout at the Double Tree Biltmore for the silent auction to help raise money for schools. Dinosaur Dan is a such a fan of Asheville City Schools Foundation that he is a board member! High Touch High Tech was also a partner and corporate sponsor of this great celebration. What a wonderful way to help support our local students and teachers!

After school enrichment

High Touch High Tech is providing a wonderful after school enrichment program at Carolina Day School. Students participate in many different activities and continue to grow and learn for an hour after their regular school day once a week. Every student has their very own cool science name and also something neat to take home to show what they learned that day!

Black Mountain Elementary

On October 8th and 9th, High Touch High Tech went out to Black Mountain Elementary School where scientists facilitated the Finally Fun Machines program. The students learned about what a simple machine was and also made their own screw with threads using a die and a carrot. By using a “facilitator”, students were able to see many of the simple machines and how they work!

Never Stop Learning

Seniors space mudYesterday was a great day for science! Dinosaur Dan provided some great hands-on experiments with the adults at the Grove Senior Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Many participated in the Molecule Races, Fishing For Ice Cubes, and of course the famous Silly Putty! Always a fan favorite! During all of the fun, there was a camera crew from the local news station filming for their Never Stop Learning segment.
Once again, High Touch High Tech is showing that science can be fun for all ages and we truly never stop learning!

Western Regional Early Childhood Education Conference

Hands-on Science for a High Tech World

The following pictures are from our High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun workshop at the Western Regional Early Childhood Education Conference. Over 50 participants spent two hours learning innovative hands-on science techniques for teaching preschool children.Hands on Science for a High Tech World 2

Senior Science

Senior ScienceIn May, Dinosaur Dan was able to visit the Grove Senior Center in Asheville, NC. Many joined in while others simply observed but it was still a very powerful experience for both the scientist and seniors. It was a great way to give back to the greater community!

Participants joined in on the hands on fun guided by Dinosaur Dan with erupting volcanoes and making silly putty. “Science can be made fun for all ages” said Dan. Again, it was a great experience for all.

Alien Space Blast Party

Alien Space Blast Human GyroscopeOn September 7, High Touch High Tech participated in an out of this world Alien Space themed birthday party in Montreat, NC. The children had an amazing extra-terrestrial encounter with Dinosaur Dan. The party guests enjoyed making alien glow in the dark slime and space mud. The guests also experienced a taste of life in space with Astronaut ice cream while manning their posts at Mission Control during an exciting rocket launch. Other highlights of the party included a human bicycle wheel gyroscope. Soon these exciting interactive birthday parties will be available in Charlotte, NC!