Our Program Services

High Touch High Tech has many different types of science
programs from preschool, to Senior Programs, afterschool enrichment programs to
fun summer camps.

We feel that early learning
in STEAM subjects should start early in a child’s life. They will learn to make
observations, make hypotheses, and use critical thinking. These skills will
help young children to grasp math and science concepts early in life creating a
strong foundation for future learning. It will also teach them to
have fun while learning.

We offer 2 different types of afterschool programs. One is
an Afterschool Science Enrichment Program, which is when we come to your school
once a week for an hour and the children get to enjoy hands-on FUN science
experiments. This program allows children to have fun and learn in a different

Our other before/afterschool program is when we come to
your school for (3) 30-minute science sessions. Children once again get to
enjoy hands-on FUN science experiments just in a shorter time.

Our Summer Science Programs are a great way to transform
summer camps into a living laboratory thorough our unique discovery-style
learning approach. Each child will participate in science exploration and get
make-and-take experiments.

We even offer many different science themed birthday
parties to choose from. You get to sit back and enjoy the party while our
Scientist brings all the materials and does all the birthday science
experiments with the children. Our
sizzlin™ science parties combine the most exciting experiments to create FUN
science memories that will last a lifetime.

Our programs are also designed for any child and parent to
do with basic household items. High Touch High Tech believes that science
should be fun with what you have in your house, not with what you must buy.

No matter what type of Science Program you want, we do it! No
matter where you want to have your science program, we come to you!

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