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What is Density? Density is how much ‘stuff’ is packed into a particular area.

For example, if we have 13 balls in a box and we have the same box with 27 identical balls inside it. We say the box with 27 balls has higher density than the box with 13 balls.

Density is a fundamental property of matter. Density is defined as mass divided by unit volume. It is measured in grams per cubic centimeter or kilograms per cubic meter. The Greek letter rho, is the symbol for density.

Density, ρ = Mass ÷ Volume

So, two liquids can take up the same amount of space(volume) but can have completely different masses. If liquid A has a higher mass, MORE of that liquid is in that space and therefore is denser. If liquid B has a lower mass, LESS of that liquid is in that same space and is therefore less dense than liquid A.

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All liquids in your tower have similar volumes but they have different densities. What does that mean? That means that each liquid has a different amount of mass in that volume. The liquids with the highest density are at the bottom, and the ones with the lower density are on top of each other. So, which of the liquids is most dense? And which is least dense?

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