NASA Taking Applications for Astronauts!


With NASA’s final space shuttle mission having already traveled beyond our atmosphere and safely returned to Earth, many bemoaned the fact that our nation’s space program seemed to have very little vision and future here in the early portion of this century.  Would little boys and girls still dream about soaring into the stratosphere as astronauts?

While the talk isn’t about returning to the moon or shuttle missions, NASA is once again seeking smart, brave men and women to become astronauts. The mission this time will include trips to the International Space Station and possible probes into deep space. Who’s up for being the first human on Mars or one of 1,200 exoplanets NASA discovered?

Among the attributes NASA is seeking from qualified applicants are “Creativity. Ambition. Teamwork. A sense of daring. And a probing mind.” In case you’re interested, the pay scale for a U.S. astronaut is $64,724 to$141,715 per year according to the overview of the position.

If you watch the recruitment video, apparently singing karaoke in space is also part of the wacky fun astronauts enjoy. Think your the person for the job? Apply for the Astronaut Candidate Program!

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