GRADE:    3rd Grade

TEACHER:  Ms. DeChesere

PROGRAM:  Newton in a Nutshell

SCIENTIST:  Meteor Martin


This week’s LIMELIGHT SCHOOL OF THE WEEK IS……Sandy Ridge Elementary School, Durham, NC.

Hello scientists!!!  I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week.   I recently had the opportunity to visit a school for the very first time and had a blast teaching and working with the 3rd graders at our limelight school of the week, which is none other than Sandy Ridge Elementary.

This week, the children had a chance to learn and explore more about one of our favorite scientists, Sir Isaac Newton, as they were able to observe first-hand Newton’s Three Laws of Motion in action and apply them to real world examples.  I was able to prepare the students to be transformed into junior physicists as they discover inertia and motion with our Fun Flicks & more experiments!  Newton’s Laws of Motion explain the relationship between a body or mass and the forces acting upon it and our experiments covered each one in fun, exciting, detail.

We had such a great time, that several teachers were asking for the materials needed in order to take part in trying some of the experiments out.  It is always a thrill to see teaches getting involved and enjoying the activities along with the children.  This lesson also provides the children the chance to get up and move about the room in order to participate in many of the experiments, which is always welcome with open arms

Again, I would like to thank all the 3rd Graders and their teachers at Sandy Ridge Elementary for having High Touch High Tech be part of your learning activities. 😊

Until next time, this is Meteor Martin blasting off!

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