High Touch High Tech of Houston shows students why science matters!

On February 11, 2011, Doppler Dean from High Touch High Tech visited CCS to conduct science experiments on “matter” with both first grade classes.  During this in-school science field trip, students participated in experiments with many different materials and substances regarding solids, liquids, and gases!   

First graders now know that matter is the “stuff” that makes up all the things in the world. Using a balloon, students discovered that the air we breathe is different. It is not a solid or a liquid. You can’t see it. The stuff that blows up a balloon is matter, and it is a gas!   Matter, as we understand now, is made up of teeny-tiny bits called atoms. Atoms are too small to see. Millions of atoms could fit on the period at the end of a sentence! Thanks to Doppler Dean for helping the first graders to better understand this scientific concept



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