Helicoptering: A new way to Fly!

Helicopters are a type of aircraft that use rotating,
spinning wings called blades or rotors to fly around! Airplanes unmoving wings
glide across the sky, but the helicopter’s rotating blades allow it to do
things a plane cannot do!

Much like a fan, a helicopter has wings that chop into the
air! The rotors create lift when spinning, allowing the helicopter to rise and
descend vertically, meaning the helicopter can move up and down. Unlike
airplanes, helicopters have rotors on the top and tail of the aircraft which
allows it to move forward, backwards, hover in place, or even spin! Helicopters
can make smaller, more precise movements than planes can due to the agility their
blades grant them.  

If you’ve ever seen a maple tree seed, also known as a
maple’copter, you have seen helicopter blades in action! These seedlings are
little flying machines, and float down in a spinning action just like a
helicopter does! This allows for the maple tree to spread its seeds further
away, and the wind will carry the seedlings further from the tree! The maple
tree has made this adaptation so that the seedlings can land outside of the
tree’s dense canopy, in a sunny, hospitable spot!

Helicopters are an innovative flight mechanism! Helicopters
are used as a flying ambulance for critical patients, in-sky fire extinguishers
when fighting wildfires, and can even get supplies to ships at sea! What would
you do with your own helicopter?

Build your own helicopter today! Print out a paper


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