Fun Fact Friday!


Space– Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. There are many things we don’t know or understand about space. So, we are going to give you a few fun facts! You can also check out of Fun Fact Friday website for more fun facts!

Then, go to our website and check out the great space experiments that you can try!





1. The term “astronaut” comes from the Greek word astron which means “star” and nautes which means “sailor”.

2. Did you know the longest space orbit in history lasted 17 1/2 days!

3. Modern Rocket engines that are used to place satellites and manned spacecraft into orbit use the same principals as the first rockets made by the Chinese?

4. All of Space is completely silent!

5. Mercury and Venus are the only two planets that do not have a moon


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