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Hello and Happy Summer to everyone!  This is “Meteor” Martin, the Area Manager for High Touch High Tech of Raleigh- Durham, North Carolina.  As we enter the back half of the summer months and prepare for our return to school in one form or another.  I thought it would be interesting to look back over the last several months and reflect on teaching in this virtual era and what changes it might hold for the future.

I am so thankful to be living in an era of time that science and technology has provided all of us with the ability to do so many things from home.  From work and school, to games, movies and entertainment.  I can only imagine what things would have been like when I was a child in school and a pandemic caused us to be locked in our homes with little or nothing to do.

The ability to reach out and still provide schools, teachers, parents, and children a virtual STEM experience that is hands-on while still being fun and safe has been a blessing in these unusual times.

 I have loved being able to still reach out and inspire children to be creative and interact with them as if I were teaching them even from the comfort of my home lab.  While different in many aspects, I can still hear the excitement in these children as they create gases by mixing a solid and liquid or see them working together to complete an experiment.  There is nothing more rewarding than asking questions of our youth and having them systematically put things together and come up with the correct answer.  I have also enjoyed watching the wonderful and hardworking teachers as they pass out materials and take pictures of the children participating in our hands-on activities.

In these ever-changing times, providing fun, hands on, interactive Science is what we at High Touch High Tech are all about.  I cannot help but think how virtual activities and experiences will continue to grow in number and value as we all use our imagination to enhance our future.

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