Frequently Asked Questions: Scheduling High Touch High Tech

What does High Touch High Tech do?

High Touch High Tech delivers
quality, hands-on STEM activities for kids. Our educational and enriching
programs ignite a child’s natural curiosity about science, and help to build
problem-solving skills, self-esteem and the confidence to try something new.

What programs does High Touch High
Tech offer?

High Touch High Tech offers
programs in each area of the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)
fields! Our programs have been adapted to facilitate your state’s education
standards! By enlisting High Touch High Tech’s assistance, you can feel
confident knowing we are teaching your students the curriculum necessary for
standardized tests!

What supplies do I need to

The scientist will bring all
supplies and clean up materials with them! Teachers have no preparation for
their in-school field trip!

How are High Touch High Tech’s
programs funded?

There are multiple options to
teachers to fund their High Touch High Tech program! Most commonly, program
fees are paid by parents as an in-school field trip, or PTA/PTO programs. If
neither of these are an option, High Touch High Tech can access grant dollars,
or work with corporate sponsors to bring your students a fun science lesson!

What information is needed to
schedule a High Touch High Tech program?

To make a program reservation,
High Touch High Tech will need: Number of Classes, Number of Children per
class, program Name, and Preferred dates!

Why should I choose High Touch
High Tech?

High Touch High Tech has been
inspiring students since 1992, and we have proven to be a resource to teachers.
Our young scientists don’t just view science, they do science! Your students
will take the excitement we instill upon them a lifelong science passion! 

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