Day in the Life of a High Touch High Tech Scientist

“I get to do what I enjoy and inspire the next generation of scientists! We always need more scientists!” – Hemlock Hayden, High Touch High Tech Scientist in Western North Carolina

Each year, more than 16 million students across the globe
participate in a High Touch High Tech program! Our scientists share the common
goal of inspiring students through exciting science! At this very moment,
somewhere on the planet, there are students exploring STEM with High Touch High

There are no two days for a High Touch High Tech scientist that
are the same.  Whether our scientists are
preparing for a weeklong science summer camp, or have a day full of elementary
school programs, scientists will always begin their day by collecting supplies!
Our scientists bring all materials needed for our programs, from writing
utensils to cleaning wipes! We want our presence in our education facilities to
be seamless and have no strain on your resources!

The difference between High Touch High Tech and other STEM
education enrichment companies is that we come to you! From the convince on
your classroom, or any space available in your school, High Touch High Tech
delivers an in-school field trip! There is no need to worry about scheduling a
bus, doing head counts, or packing bag lunches!

Once our scientists have gotten settled in your classroom,
we start with a WOW! experiment! These range from a volcano explosion, to
pushing a needle through a balloon without it popping! Our WOW! experiments get
your students excited about the program they’re about to enjoy, giving them a
focus on the lesson ahead!

High Touch High Tech programs adapt to your state’s
education standards and curriculum!  Students can learn the physics basics in
Newton’s Day in the Park, grasp the conceptions and instruments of meteorology
in Weather or Not, and discover atoms in ChemFun! Teachers can rest assured
that when a High Touch High Tech scientist enters their classroom, that they
have the support to reach your ever-increasing standardized test goals. 

Our scientists have backgrounds in science! Dr. G of High
Touch High Tech Maine was a college professor and has a PHD in Organic
chemistry! Scientists at High Touch High Tech love science and want your
students to love it too! Our scientists lead students through their experiment,
allowing your students to make discoveries for themselves. This method of
teaching is called playful learning. Playful learning is shown to be a more
effective method of teaching, allowing students to learn and master more
abstract concepts!

During 90-minute elementary school program, students will complete
3 or more experiments! Once the students have concluded the program, scientists
conclude the lesson by touching back on each discovery in the program! Each
day, a High Touch High Tech scientist hears, “I’m going to be a scientist when
I grow up!” I never knew science was this fun! This is the best day of my
life.” Our students reassure us that our goal of STEM inspiration has been

Our scientist will pack and clean up, we even bring our own wipes! Then our scientist is on to inspire the next group of future scientists!

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