Celebrating Pollution Prevention Week: September 21 – 27, 2020

Pollution is one of the largest threats against our planet,
poisoning our water systems, contaminating our atmosphere, and suffocating
wildlife. Pollution is defined as a process in which land, air, water, and the
remainder of the environment are made dirty, unsafe, and unsuitable for use. By
making yourself aware of the sources creating pollution, we can prevent
pollution and the violation of our planet. The theme for 2020’s pollution
prevention week is Common Sense Solutions for Business & The Environment.

Working to eliminate and reduce pollution sources prevents
further damage to our environment, reducing the need for expensive cleanup. In
1992, the Environmental Protection Agency passed the Pollution Prevention Act
which states the EPA must establish a source reduction program to collect and
disseminate information about pollution and provide financial assistance to
States to reduce pollution.  This act
found the United States spends tens of billions of dollars each year
controlling and cleaning the millions of tons of pollution being created.

The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 found the first step to
prevention pollution was reducing the source. If a source of pollution cannot
be reduced or prevented, it must be recycled or treated in a green, environmentally
safe manner. Many industries can reduce and prevent the pollution they are
creating by making cost-effective changes in their manufacturing process by
simply reevaluating their priority from pollution treatment to reduction!

While industries are the greatest creators of pollution, each
citizen can help the pollution problem! Develop Environmental Management
Systems in your school or workplace that work to reduce your energy and water
use, understand resource usage, choose Energy Star rated products, use EPEAT-
registered products made with fewer toxins, and donate used electrical products
to e-Cycler’s. Your family can make green choices by looking for home products
on the EPA’s Safer Choice List, buying Energy Star products, and calculating
your household’s emissions! We can all do our part in lowering pollution to
save our planet!

Another way your family can reduce the pollution you create is by composting. Recycle your food scraps the natural way, and create an environmentally friendly, compost pile in a cup! https://sciencemadefun.net/downloads/CompostInCup.pdf

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