Creepy, Crawlie Roaches

Ryan and his roachWOW – look what our “Rocket Ryan” Paskow, Scientist from High Touch High Tech of Northern Charlotte, has to say about this amazing photo op !

“I recently visited Springfield Elementary School in Fort Mill, SC to offer our “Get Buggy” program. Knowing that I was going to be learning with fourth graders, I wanted to be able to show them how safe and friendly some insects can be with a little pizzazz. I did this in hopes of easing a child’s nerves around “gross bugs!” Therefore, I took “Roachy,” one of our favorite Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and asked him to walk across my cheek. Luckily for me they only want to eat fruits, and vegetables, not faces! Even some of the children offered to try by the end of the program!”

HOW TO REACH: “Rocket Ryan” Paskow
High Touch High Tech of Northern Charlotte
Regional Program Director

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Volcano EruptionDuring a recent visit with our partners at Beaches Resorts by Sandals, located in Negril, Jamaica, we participated in the Volcanoes Program where a world record volcano eruption took place!

Check out that eruption!

This incredible eruption resulted in “oohs” and “aahs” and “wows” throughout the crowd of participants and onlookers.

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NOAA and Global Fever

High Touch High Tech is excited to present our Global Fever program at the NOAA headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland today! Dinosaur Dan will be presenting the hands-on Global Fever experience to approximately 70 scientists and administrators. The presentation will also be simulcast on the OneNOAA Science Seminar which NOAA scientists and educators from all over the world will log on and view.
The Global Fever program is a way to educate children about global warming and climate change in a fun, hands-on experience. We here at HTHT are very proud and excited about the possibility to work with NOAA!

Energy Ed and Micro Grants

Thank you to the Asheville City Schools Foundation for giving High Touch High Tech a shout out to all their teachers recently! There are some grants that are available to teachers and the foundation was kind enough to suggest HTHT as a way to use the funds. What a great way to supplement science in the classrooms! Thank you again to Asheville City Schools and the foundation to their support of HTHT! Happy New Year and here is to a great start!

Children’s Health Expo

It was a great turnout at the Children’s Health and Harmony Expo in Asheville on Sunday December 6. High Touch High Tech had a booth set up with some really neat science items along with a demo of Space Mud! About 60 kids had the opportunity to make this ooey, gooey, sticky stuff!! What a fun science way to spend a Sunday with the kids!

Oasis of the Seas

Oasis Youth Staff 2009All Aboard!!! Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has just opened their newest and LARGEST ship, Oasis of the Seas! The new ship has many activities on board for not only adults but for kids too! High Touch High Tech has their very own science lab to help facilitate their Adventure Science program. HTHT has been providing science programs for Royal Caribbean Cruise ships for 11 years!! That is 11 years of making SCIENCE FUN and to prove that you never stop learning even on vacation!

Down Deep

Fifth Graders at Estes Elementary School had a great hands on science experience while learning about life Down Deep in our oceans. The students used Slinky’s to see sound waves, shortening fat to feel how blubber insulates and listened to soothing whale songs. Dinosaur Dan really made a splash with the kids at Estes Elementary…literally!!!

Minor Earthquake

Many of you don’t know this but there were reports of a minor earthquake that ROCKED Mars Hill Elementary School!! Well…it wasn’t a real earthquake but Dinosaur Dan presented a great program there called Funomena that deals with some of earth’s natural events. Along with the earthquake, there were volcanic eruptions and of course tornadoes in a tube! Luckily, no one was hurt and everyone had a great time learning about the earth!