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Is Coding the Future of STEM?

Technology has an increasing impact on our day to day lives, that is indisputable. As we grow more and more dependent on devices, the need for programmers, web and tech developers, and technicians advances. What does this mean for preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s software engineers? The largest trend in technology is coding! Children […]

25 Years of Customer Favorites!

For 25 years High Touch High Tech has been developing exciting, hands-on science programs. Our programs have become staples to the teachers that invite us back to their classrooms year after year! Here are some of their favorites! Get Buggy©                 Young scientists get to be Entomologists in our Get Buggy© program! Students learn about […]

Why do Teachers Choose High Touch High Tech?

Over 25 years of proven success! High Touch High Tech was founded when Dinosaur Dan went into his daughter’s science fair, and teachers demanded he come back. Teachers were able to see that their students were engaged and excited to learn! High Touch High Tech has been exploring STEM with students for more than 25 […]

Polar Bear Plunge Day

While many will be cuddling up by a warm fire or sipping hot cider on New Years Day, some choose to celebrate in a much chillier fashion. January 1st is Polar Bear Plunge Day, and the holiday celebration is just what it sounds like- an icy plunge in the middle of winter! These human Polar […]

Make STEM your New Year’s Resolution!

Put focus on your areas of improvement this New Year! Making a New Year’s resolution is an opportunity for improvement, and it doesn’t have to mean cutting out your sweets! Taking the opportunity to set goals for yourself can only push you in the right direction! Sending education goals for your students or children is […]

The Gift of Education

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan A quality and well-rounded education is important through the life among all age groups, casts, creeds, religion or region. Education is the process in which knowledge, understanding, values, skills, beliefs, moral habits, and necessary change […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Scheduling High Touch High Tech

What does High Touch High Tech do? High Touch High Tech delivers quality, hands-on STEM activities for kids. Our educational and enriching programs ignite a child’s natural curiosity about science, and help to build problem-solving skills, self-esteem and the confidence to try something new. What programs does High Touch High Tech offer? High Touch High […]

Common Misconceptions in STEM Education

As our world becomes more complex, constantly evolving and adapting, the importance for the next generation to have problem solving, research and comprehension, and evaluation skills grows higher in demand. The STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) disciples are building blocks developing critical thinking, creativity, and decision-making abilities in our students. To accurately prepare our students, […]

Monkey Business

Have you ever pretended to be a monkey?  Swinging from a tree with long tail sounds like a lot of fun! What do you know about monkeys?  What makes monkeys different from other animals? Where do monkeys live?    A monkey is a small to medium-sized primate that lives in tropical climates. Primates are an […]

Day in the Life of a High Touch High Tech Scientist

“I get to do what I enjoy and inspire the next generation of scientists! We always need more scientists!” – Hemlock Hayden, High Touch High Tech Scientist in Western North Carolina Each year, more than 16 million students across the globe participate in a High Touch High Tech program! Our scientists share the common goal […]