Asteroid Amber of Western North Carolina HTHT Gets Rave Reviews!

Asteroid Amber of the Asheville, North Carolina High Touch High Tech office recently visited Glenn Marlow Elementary School in Mills River, NC to do our “What’s the Matter” program. The student’s learned about evaporation, molecules, polymerization, chemical reactions and more, through hands-on experiments! The student’s loved the in school field trip with Ms. Asteroid Amber so much, that they created Thank You cards to give to her. Here are a few of those awesome student thank you’s!

Notice the HTHT logo on the lab coat!

This student remembered our cart!

Making putty!

Such great students at Glenn Marlow!

This student liked the balloon pop experiment!

Second graders learning about polymerization!

Asteroid Amber teaches about polymers at Glenn Marlow!


Thanks Glenn Marlow Elementary students for these lovely Thank You notes! We hope that you learned a lot on your in school science field trip! We can’t wait to visit your school again in the future!


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