Adapting to Territorial Education Standards

For over 25 years High Touch High Tech has served as a
partner and resource to teachers in reaching their education curriculum
initiatives. Our programming adapts to the NGSS (Next Generation Science
Standards) as well as the state curriculum standards of our franchise

Educators and program directors feel confident in recruiting
High Touch High Tech that their students are being amply prepared by the
standards they are expected. The bar for teachers is ever-increasing. Reaching
the advancing education requirements is priority of ours, as for teachers.

Contact your local High Touch High Tech location to see
which programs satisfy your current lesson plan initiatives! 

2 thoughts on “Adapting to Territorial Education Standards”

  1. Someone gave me this website so I’m just learning about your programs. My first grade is very interested in you coming to our school. We have 5 classes and around 95 students. We live 2 hours north of Atlanta. Thanks for any info and dates you can send me!

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