25 Years of High Touch High Tech


For 25 years, High Touch High Tech has been inspiring young minds with hands on, captivating science experiences. We are thrilled to have been a pioneer in STEM enrichment education, a leader in our field, and now we have the capacity to interact with over 16 million students annually.

We would not have been able to dream of getting here without the support of our franchise locations, teachers who enlist our help, parents who crave a better education for their children, and students who devour science. We have been building the next generation of biologists, engineers, doctors, astronauts, physicists and so many more by triggering imaginations for 25 incredible years.

High Touch High Tech remembers each year since 1994 graciously, with immense pride. Motivated by our amplified determination and purpose for the next 25 years. Our mission of inspiring, exploring, and engaging with young minds is a persistent reminder of why we are proud of what we do. Our hands-on approach to learning allows us to impact young minds and allows for creativity and imagination to be a present part of education.

Being able to witness the impact we have on students, teachers, and the progress of our future cannot be underestimated. All individuals representing High Touch High Tech have the honor of watching a child make a discovery, comprehend complex topics, and develop sense of confidence in science. To say we’re passionate about what we do doesn’t do it justice, and we will continue our mission each day.

Through 25 years we have proven to ourselves that what we do is worth doing, and we are determined to continue to spread knowledge and inspiration. Our franchisees share our quest, implementing education across the country, and across the world. We would never be able to make our business work and be able to empower our youth without those who share our passion. We are so thankful for every single High Touch High Tech location, each believing that we are making an impact on our world through science education.

Please join us in celebrating this legendary achievement.

Happy 25th anniversary, High Touch High Tech.


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