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In recent years, the slime trend has taken the internet by storm. There are over 13 million posts with #Slime on Instagram! This trend has even been responsible for glue shortages at craft stores around the world!

High Touch High Tech brought slime to students 25 years ago! We were the original slime makers!

How is slime made? What makes slime so slimy? Science, of course! To understand how this non-Newtonian fluid is created, we must understand a little bit of chemistry. A non-Newtonian fluid is a substance that is neither a liquid nor a solid! Slime will ooze out of your hands like a liquid but can be picked up like a solid!

What makes slime so stretchy? We can thank polymers for slime’s gooey, oozy qualities! Polymers are substances that are made of several repeating until, these units joining like train cars! To create these polymers, you must make the chemical reaction to create these polymers! Polymerization, the chemical reaction that creates a polymer, happens when you mix all the slime ingredients together!

In our ChemFun program, students are introduced to the world of chemistry! Your students will become chemists, exploring chemical reactions. They’ll even get to take home their very own slime!

For more than 25 years, High Touch High Tech has brought students hands-on science! Throughout the years slime has been a fan favorite, with a ‘how it works’ lesson at the very core!

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